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85x86x86 angle

951 L

85x86x86 angle

Use: applicable to Parts 8090, 8180, 8990.Also usable as anti-rotation system without having to drill holes in the profiles.

Material aluminium angle; steel nuts and bolts (see table).

State of supply complete with 8 M8x25 socket head screws, 8 M8 washers, 4 tightening plates.

Characteristics: provision for M8 nuts and bolts; the reference notches can be easily removed if the angle is to be fastened where there is no groove.

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626963 4 pcs without nuts and bolts shot peening - 312 13,23
626943 4 pcs with nuts and bolts shot peening galvanised 605 31,67
674765 4 pcs with nuts and bolts shot peening AISI304 stainless steel 605 48,06

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