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U-shaped with safety switch for inside fastening


U-shaped  with safety switch for inside fastening

Use: it can be used on aluminium tubes when the hinge must activate a safety switch.

Material anodised aluminium hinge, galvanised steel pin, polyamide bushings, galvanised steel screws, steel pin, safety switch in thermoplastic material.

State of supply hinge complete with ø8x141 pin, 2 M5x14 hexagon socket countersunk head screws, 2 M5x10 socket head screws, 1 3x12 elastic pin, 2 M4 washers, 2 M5 washers, 2 M4x35 socket head screws, 2 M4 threaded inserts, 2 M5 threaded inserts, 4 bushings, Pizzato safety switch (FR 2196 3 N.C., FR 996 2 N.C., FR 2096 2 N.C. 1 N.O.).

Characteristics: the switch head can be turned with respect to the body in order to construct doors with RH or LH opening sensors with the same order code.

Notes: for further information on the product, please request the relative technical manual sheet.

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630499 2 pcs 2 N.C. anodised 185 110,84
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630519 2 pcs 2 N.C. - 1 N.O. anodised 185 123,02