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A story yet to be written.

In 1972, at 24 years of age, Tienno Bettati founded his first company, UNIPLAST, in Correggio.

In 1980, with the merger of UNIPLAST with Tonino Mariani's SITOPLAST, MARBETT was created, a company that in a decade became the market leader in components production for bottling conveyors.    MARBETT, was then sold to the multinational REXNORD in 1993, a world leader in the sector.

In 1994, Tienno Bettati, in contrast to the new owners, believed in the possibility of developing the new “Aluminium Division” and reacquisition from the Americans. Together with a section of the workforce that followed him, he created Bett Sistemi, which would become the founding company and head of the B-Group, a network of complementary companies able to provide quality services.

Together with Fabrizio Ferrari, and thanks to their combined thirty years of experience, they positioned Bett Sistemi as leader in the design and production of automated machinery components  for the packaging and bottling industries, with product lines dedicated to flexible automation (conveyor components and format change components) and to machine safety (modular accident prevention components and guards).

Today Bett Sistemi is ready to face new market demands.

As well as the manufacture of components, it also offers additional services which, in the case of actual or potential motorisation, fall under the Machinery Directive, becoming true machines: to be "incorporated" (with a Declaration of Incorporation) or "completed" (with CE marking).


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