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Bett Sistemi starts the new year with two brand new commercial tools!

Bett Sistemi starts the new year with two brand new commercial tools! Finally, we have published the two Handbooks that complete the "Original Components" series. These “supplements” have been conceived by Bett Sistemi to relaunch the market and react to the adverse scenario in which our partners and client companies are working today!

You gave us the strength, we used our work and our best effort to overcome one of the most difficult postwar periods the market has seen. Thanks to your willingness and ability to face the challenge of globalisation, the entire Bett Sistemi team has been able to review and reorganise the range offered and terms of sale, adapting them to the new market rules that impose ever more reliable, complete and flexible supply partnerships and relations. 

This has translated into a vast offer of components, including for DIY construction, and these handbooks are the most complete response on how to use them. What's more, they represent a clear and well-furnished showcase to give the products the right visibility.

Having won new customers over the past year shows that we have taken the right route, which we are continuing to follow with the publication of the new Handbooks: Handbook 2  "Linear guides and actuators" and Handbook 3 "Handles, hinges and feet". Like the volumes already published, also these two handbooks are essential tools for those who want to build quality structures and systems, optimising their resources. The handbooks are already available on our site in PDF format and we will soon send you a hard copy.

Remember that you can download the updates of the Original Components Handbooks, the  Systems & Solutions Catalogues and the relative drawings from our website.


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