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MC103 Series - Components for Modular Chain Conveyors System

The MC103 series (Modular Chain Conveyor System) is characterised by the MODULAR CHAIN in technopolymer making this conveying system different from other chain conveyor systems and an excellent alternative to belt conveyors, in particular when the path to be travelled includes changes of direction or curves which a belt does not allow.

The MC103 series stands out for some basic features, such as:

FLEXIBILITY AND  MODULARITY Thanks to the modular mesh chain available in widths of 156 mm to 383 mm, the MC103 series allows rectilinear or curvilinear configurations or inclined with vertical curves

QUIET OPERATION compared to conventional tabletop chain conveyors (e.g.  Chain L = 307 mm, Speed = 70 m/min, Noise < 70 dB)

SAFETY As the modular chain has no hooking or attachment points, the system features a high level of SAFETY.

EFFICIENCY in terms of energy

RELIABILITY without requiring any particular maintenance

The MC103 series is moreover  particularly suitable for conveying products with a non-rigid base and/or bulky products that require stability, that only a wide chain without interruptions can provide. The BETT modular chain system finds its best use at the end of a line to connect to packaging machines.

The shape of the chain assures product stability and integrity, especially for accumulation applications, and the surface is easy to clean.

Sectors of application: Packaging, paper industry, food industry.

You can fit all the accessories of the B-Flex line for product containment and control.

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