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Two-column linear table with manual drive or optional motor driven operation


Two-column linear table with manual drive or optional motor driven operation

Use: unit adjustment and positioning change with medium to light loads, sliding carriage movement.

Suitable for both horizontal and vertical use.

State of supply Heads and carriage in aluminium, sliding columns in C45 chrome-plated steel, steel trapeze screw, brass lead nut, galvanised steel nuts and bolts, column end caps in thermoplastic material.


worm screw, Tr 14 pitch 4 (1 turn = 4 linear mm)

Standard pack: 1 piece.

The carriage driving screw must be regularly lubricated with grease or adhesive lubricant. Do not use dry.

Operation: STEP-BY-STEP (NO continuous operation).

Max 120 rpm; max time: 1 min; on/off ratio=1/30


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Order code 1 pin 2 pins LG mm C mm F screw Finishing heads and carriage Weight kg Stock piece Buy Draw
T3011A0250M T3011A0250M2P 250 100 TR14x4 shot peened 2.80 228,31
T3011A0400M T3011A0400M2P 400 250 TR14x4 shot peened 3.35 248,95
T3011A0700M T3011A0700M2P 700 550 TR14x4 shot peened 4.46 289,11
T3011A0250N T3011A0250N2P 250 100 TR14x4 painted in RAL9005 black 2.80 248,95
T3011A0400N T3011A0400N2P 400 250 TR14x4 painted in RAL9005 black 3.35 269,60
T3011A0700N T3011A0700N2P 700 550 TR14x4 painted in RAL9005 black 4.46 309,76
Customisations Travel C and length LG (min 200 mm; max 1650 mm); on request, carriages and heads may be supplied painted in other colours. Versions for wet environments (worm screw and columns with chemical nickel-plating treatment and nuts and bolts in stainless steel) are available on request.

 Products not in stock minimum order: 1 piece, delivery in 15 days (unless stock runs out) for shot peened versions (see table), delivery in 20 days for other lengths (LG) and painted versions.