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Light linear table with manual drive


Light linear table with manual drive

Use: accurate unit adjustment and positioning with light loads, with manual drive.

Material AISI 304 stainless steel sliding shafts on anodised aluminium profile; heads in reinforced polyamide and screws in galvanised steel; carriages in RAL9005 black anodised aluminium with steel rollers; bronze lead nut; steel screw with trapeze threading.

Characteristics: worm screw Tr12 pitch 3 (1 handwheel turn = 3 linear mm on each carriage).

Standard pack: 1 piece.

Operation: STEP-BY-STEP (NO continuous operation).

Max. 120 rpm; max time: 3 min; on/off ratio=1/10


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Order code LG mm LC mm C mm Centring element for groove F Finishing Weight kg Stock piece Buy Draw
637589 679 110 567 yes TR 12 x 3 non-treated - 385,84
637599 380 110 79 no TR 12 x 3 non-treated - 352,26
Customisations On request LG, LC and C, the screws can be supplied with phosphate coating, galvanising or chemical nickel-plating treatment.

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