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Light linear table with sliding movement with manual drive


Light linear table with sliding movement with manual drive

Use: manually-driven accurate processing unit adjustment and positioning with light loads.

The compact dimensions and customisable length make this linear table suitable when high stability and reduced dimensions are required. Ideal for dusty and dirty environments, it features silent operation and is low-cost.

State of supply 1 linear guide in bronze-coloured anodised aluminium, 1 drive fixture head and 1 idler fixture head in silver-coloured anodised aluminium, 2 carriages made of silver-coloured anodised aluminium surfaces, self-lubricating runners in super smooth-sliding technopolymer, 1 brass drive lead nut with RH threading and 1 brass drive lead nut with LH threading, 1 M8 LH/RH worm screw in steel, nuts and bolts in galvanised steel.


M8 worm screw with standard pitch (1 turn = 1.25 linear mm on each carriage).

Standard pack: 1 piece.

Operation: STEP-BY-STEP (NO continuous operation).

Max. 120 rpm; max time: 4 min; on/off ratio=1/10


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Order code LG mm LC mm C mm F Centring element for groove Finishing worm screw Weight kg Stock piece Buy Draw
671279 430 100 115 M8 no non-treated - 238,52
670879 430 120 95 M8 no non-treated - 238,52
675299 430 100 115 M8 Yes non-treated - 236,30
675349 430 120 95 M8 Yes non-treated - 236,30
Customisations On request LG, LC and C, the worm screw can be supplied with phosphate coating, galvanising or chemical nickel-plating treatment.

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