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C-shaped guide kit with 6 steel rods


C-shaped guide kit with 6 steel rods

Use: allows constructing super smooth-sliding linear guides with contained dimensions to be used when you have space problems or light loads. If you need to handle heavier or more voluminous loads, couple two guides in parallel in a vertical assembly.

State of supply 1 aluminium guide, ground chrome-plated steel rods, 1 aluminium runner, 2 concentric grooved steel rollers positioned on the sides, 1 eccentric grooved steel roller in central position, 3 washers for M5 screw, 3 M5 hexagonal nuts in burnished steel.

Characteristics: eccentric central roller to correct the guide play. The runner is misaligned by 0.5 mm with respect to the centre of the guide; this allows preventing the runner from sliding on the structure in case of vertical assembly.

Standard pack: 1 piece.

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