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Guide kit with carriage with ball carriage


Guide kit with carriage with ball carriage

Use: is used to construct linear ball guides or in combination with our Original Components (linear tables) when you need greater capacity and rigidity.

State of supply 1 carriage in CF53 carburised steel, carriage end caps in polyamide with NBR rubber gaskets, steel balls, 1 hardened steel track without surface treatment or manganese phosphated, green thermoplastic hole caps.

Characteristics: the same load capacity in the 4 directions and high rigidity; self-alignment capability (which allows compensating for installation errors).

High accuracy of travel parallelism (see table, column PP).

Standard pack: 1 piece.

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Order code Travel (LR-LC) mm LR mm Finishing track Weight kg Stock piece Buy Draw
473615S1000 938.6 1000 non-treated 1.6 168,22
473615F1000 936.6 1000 phosphated 1.6 196,58
473623S1000 916 1000 non-treated 3.65 228,48
473623F1000 916 1000 phosphated 3.65 267,84

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