Quality Italian Components

Handbook 1

Tightening components and positioners

Handbook 2

Linear guides, linear tables and angular idlers

Handbook 2.1

Angular idlers, jacks and format changeover

Handbook 3

Handles, hinges and feet

Handbook 4

Structural profiles and accessories

Handbook 4.1

Benches, trolleys and gravity warehouses

Handbook 5

Guards, kits and accessories

Components for Machines - Handbook 3

Handles, hinges and feet

The specialist in handles, hinges and feet

The original standard components by Bett Sistemi are designed for application on machines and equipment for the industry.

In particular, Bett Sistemi designs, manufactures and markets the following lines: ß-Handles, ß-Hinges (aluminium and technopolymer) and ß-Feet (support and levelling elements).

Because of their functionality and design, these products are adopted on numerous machines and systems, also independent of the systems supplied by Bett Sistemi of which they form an integral part.

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