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Flow racks

Handbook 4 has been enriched with servo flow racks, carriages for product handling and supply, and PC stations. Because of their multiple possibilities of use, our flow racks have been specially studied in their details and accessories, to provide a vast choice of structural and finishing items, for any and all use. 

Whether requesting modular or assembled solutions, be they standard or customized versions, our customers will have the possibility to choose among flow racks with fixed or inclined shelving of various sizes, suitable for carrying loose or packaged products, and for handling stackable totes (provided by Bett Sistemi).

In addition, our flow racks may come equipped with handlebar, corner protector, rod with ID number holder plate and document holder pocket. Also totes may come equipped with holder pocket and folder with customisable "KanBan" card. The latter is essential for warehouse management using the same system, in order to simplify and speed-up the supplies to the work stations, thereby reducing times and costs.

We remind you that we have already activated a component delivery system to our customers using the Kanban method, which is therefore greatly convenient.


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