Quality Italian Components

Handbook 1

Tightening components and positioners

Handbook 2

Linear guides, linear tables and angular idlers

Handbook 2.1

Angular idlers, jacks and format changeover

Handbook 3

Handles, hinges and feet

Handbook 4

Structural profiles and accessories

Handbook 4.1

Benches, trolleys and gravity warehouses

Handbook 5

Guards, kits and accessories
Connection joints SERIES 25
Profiles pack SERIES 25
Profiles pack SERIES 30
Rubber and plastic profiles PACK
Connection joints for tubular bars in stainless steel FOOD
Tubes, profiles and end caps FOOD
Accessories for doors hinges FOOD PACK
Accessories for doors handles FOOD and PACK
Accessories for doors: closing components FOOD and PACK
Support feet FOOD PACK

Components for Machines - Handbook 5

Guards, kits and accessories

The specialist in components for stainless steel and aluminium safety guards

Over 2000 accident prevention guards manufactured every year make Roboframe the line all automatic machine manufacturers and users in the food and bottling sectors look to.

Roboframe Food guards, with stainless steel hoses and thermoplastic joints with a reinforced steel core, are the result of the documented experience acquired by Bett Sistemi through its work in this specific sector.

Roboframe Pack accident prevention guards, with aluminium hoses and thermoplastic connecting joints, are designed especially for the packaging, mechanics and automation sectors in general.

Roboframe guards are robust, simple to set up, attractive and meet all the community safety regulations.

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