Quality Italian Components


What we offer

The excellent business reputation, its extensive know-how and the in-house design and manufacturing facilities allow the company to promptly satisfy the customers' requirements, delivering both individual components (Original Components) and kits. These come assembled as customised solutions by Bett Service, which provides tailor-made service and consultancy, going from design to production and delivery of turnkey solutions.

The wide range of products available and Bett Service’s assistance provide quality solutions to meet current and future customer' requests, arising in connection with the great trust placed in Bett Sistemi and in its vocation as developer of new benchmark standards.

A way of thinking that is further strengthened thanks to the B-Group, a network of companies established and coordinated by us to bring together highly specialised and synergetic companies.

Member of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce

In Germany to show the value of Made in Italy by Bett Sistemi
Bett Sistemi has chosen to be an...

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Mission and values

Turning our customer's needs into standard production

Bett Sistemi continuously seeks...

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Social Responsibility

Creating added value in terms of sustainability.

Our mission is to create economic, social and...

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A story yet to be written.

In 1972, at 24 years of age, Tienno Bettati founded his first...

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Packaging valley: 100 km of excellence

Bett Sistemi is a manufacturing company based in Emilia Romagna, one of the most industrialised...

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