Quality Italian Components

Research & Development

 Bett Sistemi’s strength lies in its ability, the fruit of thirty years’ experience, to listen to its customers and respond to their specific needs by creating new components and translating them into a market benchmark, with all the advantages this brings for the customers. 
The entire range of Bett Sistemi components, created following this concept, goes by the name  “Original Components by Bett Sistemi”, presented in a series of new HANDBOOKS in pocket book format. 


Tailor-made components

Thanks to our thirty-year experience and the specialisation of the companies in the ß-Group, we can produce components starting from the design provided by the customer or requested from our in-house Engineering and Design Department. We then build a prototype, put it into pre-series production and construct the tools for subsequent standard production, thus ensuring high reliability of the finished product and an excellent quality/price ratio. 

Bett Sistemi acts as coordinator of the  ß-Group companies, ensuring customers careful attention to containing costs and offering them a cultural and instrumental interface to best respond to their needs.


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