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Bett Sistemi continues to be part of the Italian-German business community

Bett Sistemi, which since 2017 has become a member of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce, also renews its registration for 2018. Proud of this title Bett Sistemi follows all the business meets organized by the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce, which has been the reference point for the Italian-German business community for more than 90 years.
With its almost 700 members - of which about two thirds in Italy and a third in Germany - AHK Italien is the most important bilateral business association present in Italy.

The Italian-German Chamber network includes companies from the most different sectors: from economic/financial services, telecommunications, transport, medicine, etc ... to industry.

For Bett Sistemi, being a member of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce means to expand its stakeholder network, make its voice heard in the economic and institutional sphere, increase its visibility in Germany and throughout the European Community.

Some insights:

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Site AHK Italien - Italian-German Chamber of Commerce: https://www.ahk-italien.it/it/

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