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Bett Service

The Bett Service System Partners are authorised application centres coordinated by the Bett Sistemi Research & Development Department, located in various Italian cities, as well as in Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries, they are aimed at those who need solutions in pre-assembled kits.

Equipped with the most modern technologies, they create a real partnership with the customers and help them design the solution best suited to their needs.

To achieve this result, Bett Sistemi has developed 3D software specifically for each product line. This allows quickly and accurately identifying the components needed to build the required structure and providing a true and optimised estimate as well as a graphic representation of the finished product, its component parts and the assembly instructions.

Bett Sistemi’s strengths are its technical know-how, its fast response and the documented references: within just a few hours of the customer calling a sales technician from Bett Service will be on hand for surveys and quotes.

- Correggio
- Faenza
- Bologna
- Milan
- Zurich
- Barcelona
- Madrid
- Utrecht
- Stuttgart
- Melbourne
- Toronto

Customized services

Tel: +39 0522 635 111

Please do not hesitate to ask for support from the Bett Service System Partners when you require more than just components or preassembled kits and what you need are turnkey solutions.

Call us at +39-0522-635111
or send an e-mail to bsistemi@bettsistemi.com
We will be glad to help you!