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Conveyor belt holder bench


Conveyor belt holder bench

Use: this bench allows you to place a conveyor belt on the rear side. This way, the operator may pick the components conveyed directly from his work station. Usually, the conveyor passes among different benches, arranged in a line. It may be customised with our full range of accessories.

Material Anodised aluminium structure, bench top in laminated chipboard with melamine, cream white RAL 9001 colour, 8 mm thick, tilting shelf made of compressed stratified laminate, white cream RAL 9001 colour, 4 mm thick, galvanised steel nuts and bolts.

State of supply: workbench complete with 1 workbench top, 1 tilting shelf, 1 LED lamp, 922 Lx light intensity (max 1254, min 504) (built-in power supply unit with power cable: 3 m plug CEE 7/VII), upper profile with 2 eyelets for hanging tools, 4 adjustable feet.

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Customisations: versions with custom-made sizes, buffers and shelves in different materials are available on request. Versions without lamp are available on request.

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