Quality Italian Components

Handbook 1

Tightening components and positioners

Handbook 2

Linear guides, linear tables and angular idlers

Handbook 2.1

Angular idlers, jacks and format changeover

Handbook 3

Handles, hinges and feet

Handbook 4

Structural profiles and accessories

Handbook 4.1

Benches, trolleys and gravity warehouses

Handbook 5

Guards, kits and accessories

Components for Machines - Handbook 4.1

Benches, trolleys and gravity warehouses

Benches and work stations, material storage trolleys, gravity warehouses

Experience is the new standard!

The outcome of our experience with the Robomec line, a catalogue of standard and custom solutions for Lean Production, designed to increase efficiency, product quality, reduce lead times and costs, all with ergonomic solutions for the operator's workstation.

- equipped assembly benches
- individual workstations
- linking of workstations
- customised cabinets
- gravity warehouses
- trolleys
- perimeter guards and partition panels
- roller units
- display cabinets and communication systems
- adhesive floor (horizontal) safety signs
- towable trolleys