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in 45X90 profile with 1 driven carriage and 1 free carriage


in 45X90 profile with 1 driven carriage and 1 free carriage

Use: to position the two carriages independently: 1 carriage is driven by the worm screw, while the other is free and is positioned manually and then locked by means of a ratchet lever. Compatible with the Robomec structural system (see Handbook 4), the grooves offer the possibility of bracketing.

State of supply anodised aluminium profile, steel trapeze screw and lead nut, 2 anodised aluminium carriages (1 driven and connected to the lead nut, 1 free), 8 polyethylene sliding runners, 2 black reinforced polyamide ratchet levers, galvanised steel nuts and bolts

Characteristics: Tr20 worm screw, pitch 4 (1 handwheel turn = 4 linear mm on the carriage).

Positioning accuracy: Each carriage has a travel of ±0.3 mm/300mm*

Operation: STEP-BY-STEP (NO continuous operation).

Max. 120 rpm; max time: 1 min; on/off ratio=1/10 (max 10%).


* the ACCURACY indicated is theoretical. Accuracy levels depend on the actual conditions of use and are affected by the accuracies of the kinematic chain - consisting of the handwheel/crank handle/revolution counter kit or any connection joints - and by the performance of the position control system (encoder, etc.).


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Customised column travel and length (A=max 2940 mm), 2nd pin for motion transmission.

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