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Motor driven jack with fastening plates


Motor driven jack with fastening plates

Use: to manually handle major loads by means of pushing or traction operations.

The side profiles are used as guides and anti-rotation elements in those applications where the load is directly applied to the mechanical jack. In addition, the fastening plates provide increased rigidity features.

Coupled with Part 4769, it allows the unit to be motor driven.

State of supply: 1 aluminium jack body(see finishings in the table), 1 AISI 304 stainless steel worm screw TR14x4, 2 phosphated steel gearings (see table for finishing tyhpes), 2 bearings with sliding gaskets, 1 connector with shot peened aluminium pedestal, 2 25x6 reinforcement profiles in nickel-plated steel, 2 bracketing plates in shot peened aluminium, 2 steel ball bearings, 1 technopolymer driving lead nut with RH threading, 1 end cap, galvanised steel nuts and bolts, 1 ratchet lever in black reinforced polyamide that is used as brake (if provided, see table).


worm screw TR14, pitch 4 (1 turn= 4 mm linear travel).

Maintenance: not required, lubricated for life.

Standard pack: 1 piece.

Operation: STEP-BY-STEP (NO continuous operation).

Max. 120 rpm; max time: 1 min; on/off ratio=1/10


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Code order Brake presence LV mm LI mm Travel mm Finishing Weight g Stock piece Buy Draw
543740 NO 300 270 156 shot peened 2100 462,74
543810 NO 300 270 156 RAL 9005 cataphoresis painting 2100 462,74
501240 YES 300 270 156 shot peened 2100 467,94
510720 YES 300 270 156 RAL 9005 cataphoresis painting 2100 467,94
Customised lengths LV are available on request, see Part 4826 (max 1700mm), other finishings are available on request p. 

 Products not in stock minimum order 1 piece, delivery in 15 days.