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Base for control contact lever unit adjustment 12 Nm version


Base  for control contact lever unit adjustment 12 Nm version

Use: it allows adjusting the height of the control contact lever unit in order to detect the product flow.

The basic version is ideal if you need the system to move the control contact levers and relative bars and fastening brackets.

State of supply

The kit is supplied without photocell and cable, but these can be supplied on request.

Kit complete with 1 drive jack with reduction gear body in RAL9005 black reinforced polyamide, 1 rack, 1 worm screw, 1 knob fastened with a UNI5739 M6x12 hex head screw and washer for M6 screw, 1 screw cap in RAL3020 red polyamide, 1 gearwheel in reinforced metal, 1 brake with tightening wing nut in RAL3020 red reinforced polyamide (wing nut cap in black RAL9005); 1 idler jack with reduction gear body in RAL9005 black reinforced polyamide; 1 rack, 1 gearwheel in reinforced metal ,1 hexagonal synchronisation and transmission shaft 16, 8 UNI5739 M6x55 hex head screws, 8 UNI7474 M6 self-locking nuts, 16 M6 screw washers.

Material version Dry environment Z

Racks, hexagonal shaft and galvanised steel nuts and bolts, worm screw in phosphated steel.

Material version Wet environment B

Racks and worm screw in steel with chemical nickel-plating (thickness 10÷15 µm),hexagonal shaft in AISI303 stainless steel, galvanised steel nuts and bolts. WET

Characteristics: the synchronised movement of the two jacks occurs by means of the hexagonal synchronisation and transmission shaft. Permanent setting is assured by a brake that prevents any loss of position caused by external factors (e.g. vibrations).


in order to protect the internal transmission devices, if you use the knob for movement, the brake will not fully lock the position.

Maintenance: not required.

Standard pack: 1 piece.

Kit's vertical travel: 470mm.

Nominal torque transmissible 12 Nm (4.5 Nm version on request).

Rack's travel per turn: 1 knob turn = 8 mm of rack travel.

Reduction ratio i=16 (16 knob turns -worm screw- are equivalent to 1 turn of the worm gear with hexagonal seat).

STEP-BY-STEP (NO Continuous operation).

On/off ratio=1/30

Maximum uninterrupted operation: 1 minute at 60 rpm, which correspond to a complete rack travel of 470mm;

Manual drive, if motor-driven max. 60 rpm.


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Code order Version environment Distance between centresrack side drive Jack version Material nuts and bolts Rack finish Weight Kg Stock piece Buy Draw
KBR0000500RZF dry 500 mm R F galvanised galvanised 3.1 224,30
KBR0001000RZF dry 1000 mm R F galvanised galvanised 3.4 228,20
KBR0001500RZF dry 1500mm R F galvanised galvanised 3.7 232,10
KBR0002000RZF dry 2000mm R F galvanised galvanised 4.0 236,00
KBR0000500RBF wet WET 500 mm R F stainless steel nickel-plated 3.1 341,28
KBR0001000RBF wet WET 1000 mm R F stainless steel nickel-plated 3.4 345,18
KBR0001500RBF wet WET 1500mm R F stainless steel nickel-plated 3.7 349,08
KBR0002000RBF wet WET 2000mm R F stainless steel nickel-plated 4.0 352,97
Customisations Versions with reduction gear body in different colours, and with customisable logo are available on request (min. 300 pieces, price and delivery on request), rack lengths other than standard ones are available on request

 Products not in stock minimum order: 1 piece, delivery in 10 days for the dry environment version, delivery in 15 days for the wet environment version