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Square-section mini-angular idler with octagonal fastening plate


Square-section mini-angular idler with octagonal fastening plate

Use: allows synchronisation of 2 or more positioners.

State of supply 1 aluminium idler body (see Finishes on the table), 1 peened aluminium fastening plate, 1 stainless steel shaft, 2 burnished steel gears, 2 UNI6364 steel cylindrical pins, 3 bearings with sliding gaskets, 2 polyurethane O-rings, 2 UNI5931 M8x30 fastening screws, nuts and bolts in galvanised steel, labels with millimetre marking in destructible vinyl.

Reduction ratio i=1

Output angular clearance:

Maintenance: not required, lubricated for life.

Standard pack: 1 piece.

Operation: STEP-BY-STEP (NO continuous operation).

Max. 120 rpm with max torque of 5 Nm.

Max. 70 rpm with torque between 5.1 and 10 Nm.

Max time: 1 min; on/off ratio=1/10 (max 10%).


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