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3-range handwheel and revolution counter kit for mini idlers


3-range handwheel and revolution counter kit for mini idlers

Use: alternative version to part 4712 and part 4836.

The smaller dimensions of the 3-range handwheel compared to the handwheel with grip and the crank handle allows using it in applications with reduced space on the control side so that mini-idlers can be driven from the “female” way; the revolution counter allows numerical reading of the movements and the brake allows locking the pin preventing movements and consequently accidental loss of position.

State of supply 1 3-range handwheel in black reinforced polyamide, 1 UNI5927 grub screw in burnished steel, 1 revolution counter in orange technopolymer, 1 UNI5923 M4x6 grub screw, 1 anti-rotation plate in stainless steel, 1 clamp with pedestal, 1 lever in reinforced polyamide, 2 steel ball bearings, 1 60x60 fastening flange, 1 UNI6364 cylindrical pin, 1 transparent polyurethane O-ring, 1 15Ø shaft in stainless steel, 2 UNI5931 M6x16 screws, 4 UNI5931 M6x20 screws, 1 UNI7474 M8 self-locking nut.

Characteristics: increasing values with clockwise rotation; pitch 2.5 (1 handwheel turn = 0002.5 on the counter = 2.5 linear mm); pitch 4 (1 handwheel turn = 0004.0 on the counter = 4 linear mm).

Standard pack: 1 piece.


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