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Quality Italian Components

Handbook 1

Connectors, positioners and format change units

Handbook 2

Linear guides, linear tables and angular idlers

Handbook 3

Handles, hinges and feet

Handbook 4

Structural profiles and accessories
Components for doors sliding doors
Office furniture and communication
Rubber and plastic profiles
Aluminium profiles
Components for linear handling
Lean products Components for roller units
Lean products Components for trolleys
Handling belt
Components for DIY construction of toothed belt synchronous conveying guides
Components for staircases
Accessories for doors: Hinges Robomec
Components for doors: Handles Robomec
Components for doors: Closing components Robomec
Accessories for door safety
Accessories for workbenches
Buffers Robomec
Safety warning labels
Working and assembly tools
Safety warning signs

Handbook 4.1

Benches, trolleys and gravity warehouses

Handbook 5

Guards, kits and accessories

Components for Machines - Handbook 4

Structural profiles and accessories

The specialist in structural aluminium profiles and accessories for modular structures, protection structures, perimeter structures and workstations.

Robomec is a modular system of standard aluminium components used to build the structures of industrial automation systems, such as workstations, machine structures, robots, feed devices, laboratory tables, safety guards and frames in general.

Built with anodized aluminium sections, Robomec line offers numerous building advantages: easy and practical to use and fast to assemble to build extremely rigid structures with a complete range of functional and low-cost accessories, and on top of that the elements can be reused should you want to change the structure.

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