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U-shaped with safety switch for internal fastening


Use: it can be used on aluminium tubes when the hinge must activate a safety switch.

Material anodised aluminium hinge, galvanised steel pin, polyamide bushings, stainless steel screws, steel pin, stainless steel switch mount, safety switch in thermoplastic material.

State of supply hinge complete with 8x141ø pin, switch mount, 2 M5x14 hexagon socket countersunk head screws, 2 M5x10 socket head screws,1 3x12 elastic pin, 2 M4x10 hexagon socket countersunk head screws, 2 M4 washers, 2 M5 washers, 2 M4x25 socket head screws, 4 bushings, Bernstein I88-U1Z AHDB safety switch.

Characteristics: the switch head can be turned with respect to the body in order to construct doors with RH or LH opening sensors with the same order code.

Notes: for further information on the product, please request the relative technical manual sheet.

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